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Every business has problems. Every Single One! We do not want to solve all of your problems. Instead, we will find and solve that one Principal Problem which makes solving all of your other problems less complex. Thereafter, we will line up the less complex ones, one-by-one, and we will coach your employees to handle them, as they would do just as good a job as we would, but at less cost to the business. Our focus will always be on the Important--never on the Trivial Urgent, and this makes us different, and the reason why we provide Cost Effective Solutions.

We are a strategy-focused boutique consulting entity with more than 30 years of experience building businesses throughout the US, and in several foreign countries. Our approach is highly collaborative, and we team up with employees to solve problems and to scale up the organizations for which they work. We first engage our clients with a 2-Day Premier Program to "Tune Up The Engine Room," and to set up success. Our approach is to:

  • Assess,

  • Process,

  • Scale-up, and

  • Set up for Success.

Then we lay out our celebrated Work Model to focus you and your team on consistent follow-up! We have evidence which suggests that business success depends on great follow-up. Our "Triple Threat" Capability allows to Teach, Coach and Implement. And that's why clients enjoy success and refer us to their friends.


--The Evidence--

Provided by Successful Clients


Godfrey's system of employee strategies could be used to make businesses more efficient, as it did for the company that I founded. I have worked with his system since 1990 and I am extremely happy with the results. The emphasis on systems of accountability, pro­cesses and employee involvement makes this a practical business improvement book.

---- Karl Brunner, Founder and Former CEO, KB Systems, Inc.


Our employees are engaged and involved with the results of their work. They know what success is and what they have to do to achieve it. They know their stats as well. In 2011 when most companies struggled, ours did not. A little incentive helps.

----Jim and Brenda Thorco, Owners, Thorco Electrical Construction, Inc.


Many years have gone by since Full Spectrum had the benefit of your hands on repositioning of my company. It was done painlessly and successfully. I thought that this was the greatest event that I could have ever witnessed. But this new book and training manual has eclipsed the work that you have done for us. Your guidance and direction in this book can be used by any owner, executive, manager or regular employee to make improvements in their businesses. I anticipate that all who have the opportunity to go between the covers of this book will have the same results that my firm experienced.

----Walter Edwards, CEO, Full Spectrum Development Corp., of New York.


"In Plain Sight challenges the approach to managing profitability, margins, inventory, customer, and employee engagement. We at Good's Store have been working with the system for 27 years and our company has been handsomely rewarded. I highly recommend the book’s approach.

----Kenneth Burkholder, President, Good's Store.




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