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Scaling Up Your Business



Every business has problems. Every Single One! We do not want to solve all of your problems. Instead, we want to find and solve the Big Problem in your business which will make solving other problems less complex. Thereafter, we will line up the less complex problems, one-by-one, and coach your employees to solve them in the most cost effective way. Our focus will always be on the few Important and urgent ones...never on the Trivial many! 

We are a strategy-focused consulting entity that has more than 35 years hands-on experience working with and building businesses throughout the US and in several foreign countries. Our approach is highly collaborative, and we will team up with your employees to solve their problems and to scale up their organizations.

First, we engage our clients with a 2-Day Premier Program to establish what success looks like. Thereafter, we develop our celebrated Implementation Model to focus you and your team to take consistent Follow-up action until success has been achieved. 


***Godfrey created the management architecture which helped our company to grow from delivering less than 1,000 packages a day to one that now delivers more than 50,000 packages per day, within five years....Laura Sherry, President, ABC Express, Inc.

***Godfrey's system of employee strategies could be used to make businesses more efficient, as it did for the company that I founded. I have worked with his system since 1990 and I am extremely happy with the results. The emphasis on systems of accountability, pro­cesses and employee involvement makes this a practical business improvement book....Karl Brunner, Former CEO, KB Systems, Inc.

***Our employees are involved in designing their work and are responsible for the results that their work produces. They know what success looks like and what they have to do to achieve this. They know their stats as well. In 2011 when most companies struggled, ours did not. A little incentive helps....Jim and Brenda Thorco, Owners, Thorco Electrical Construction, Inc.


***We at Good's Store have been working with Godfrey's system for more than 27 years, and our company has been handsomely rewarded. I highly recommend the approach...Kenneth Burkholder, President, Good's Store.

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