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Godfrey D. Holder, Author of "In Plain Sight, Your Business Repair Manual," and Principal Consultant, has more than 30 years experience Scaling Up Businesses. He has consulted with over 2,400 companies across the US, and in several foreign countries, and he has worked with more than 100,000 business owners, executives and employees, world-wide. He has coached numerous executives and employees and has advised companies from startup through maturity. In addition, he has served in several executive positions including CEO, General and Plant Manager. 















We are a strategy and innovation consulting firm that works with firms of all sizes to scale them up. Our consultants become part of your team, and we leverage all organizational knowledge where we can find it. This allows us to gain quick access to information and the ability to easily gain employee buy-in to executing the business strategy.


SOLVING PROBLEMS: We find that one Principal Problem that every business must solve--which when solved, makes solving all other problems in the business less complex. We then align the business around its most important activities, People, Strategy, Cash Flow, Profitability and Execution.



ENGAGING EMPLOYEESWe engage our clients' staff to work on solving less-complex problems in their organizations. This not only facilitates the dramatic reduction in consulting fees, but it also empowers employees to excel. We are known for Employee Engagement and Empowerment.



CREATING EXCELLENCE: We design processes that build habits of Employee Excellence and reliability, which in turn facilitate the reduction of management's time in running the business. We set-up the right people to do the right things right.



SCALING UP: We create a 12-Month Plan that is broken down in four 90-Day Themes, and we engage each employee in at least one activity area that will need to be accomplished according to a 90-Day Theme. The focus becomes the finish line.



MEASURING SUCCESS: The Measure of Success is not whether you have a tough problem to solve--but whether it is the same problem you had last year. Solving problems are measured by Revenue, Cash Flow, Asset and Profitability growth.


  • Strategy & Operations

  • Marketing and Sales Planning

  • Profit Re-Engineering

  • Organizational Design 

  • Budgeting and Variance Management

  • Employee Engagement

  • Business Driver Design

  • Flash Reporting/Management Scorecard 

  • Financial System Design

  • Manufacturing and Production Planning

  • Key Performance Indicators & Standards

  • Executive Coaching

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